Legal Requirements

The following applies to Australians as well as overseas couples:

No period of residency is required for you to be married in Australia nor does it give right to residency.

Everybody being married in Australia whether a citizen or a visitor is required to complete an application form known as the “Notice of Intended Marriage”.

Signatures need to be witnessed* by a specified person and the application must be with the celebrant at least one month prior to the date of your intended marriage. This form (Notice of Intended Marriage) is obtainable from Gail or can be downloaded here.

Gail is required to sight Passports or Birth Certificates and photo Drivers License prior to you being married and in the case of previous marriage, documentary proof of the ending of the marriage must also be sighted.

Please contact Gail for information and assistance regarding all aspects of being married in Sydney.

* Please refer to page 4 of the Notice of Intended Marriage for more information.

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