Officient / Registrar

Marriage Celebrant or Officient or Registrar?

A Marriage Celebrant is a person who has been authorised by the Commonwealth of Australia to legalise  marriage between two people in a non religious ceremony.  They are also known as  Civil Marriage Celebrants.  They are registered by the Attorney General of Australia on a yearly basis provisding they have met the requirements for their registration to continue.

Within Canada and the United States of America those with similar authority are called ‘Officiants’ and in Great Britain they are known by the name of ‘Registrars’.

It is a simple process to be married in Australia.  There is no period of residency required nor a special Visa, however, it is a requirement that a “Notice of Intended Marriage” application form signed by at least one party to the marriage and witnessed by a prescribed authority,  (in Australia this would be either an Authorised Celebrant, Medical Practitioner, Solicitor, Barrister, Justice of the Peace or Police Officer.  If in a country outside of Australia this would be the responsibility of an Australian Consular or Diplomatic official or a Notary Public) be with the Celebrant who is to solemnise the marriage at least ONE month prior to the wedding date.   The 2nd party to the marriage is required to sign the form in front of the Celebrant before the marriage is solemnised.

The application form which is held by the Celebrant is valid for 18 months.  The Celebrant is required to sight the applicants’ Passports or Birth Certificates and a valid Driver’s Licence showing a current photo.   Documentary evidence of the ending of a previous marriage must also be sighted.

It is the responsibility of the Celebrant to attend to all  legal aspects required for the registration of the marriage.



Wet Weddings

Brides and Grooms please do yourself and your family and friends a big favour. If you have planned your wedding to be held in sunny Sydney in a garden or outdoor location be assured it does rain in Sydney and as much as we hope it doesn’t it may just rain on your special day. I assure you holding up umbrellas does not work nor sheltering under trees.

Even if the rain has stopped the ground, grass will still be wet and the leaves on trees will drip all over you and your bridal party.  Furthermore the documentation relating to your marriage must be kept dry.

The next time it rains go and stand in it and visualise how dreadful it would be if you and your family and friends had to stand in it for 30 minutes in your Vera Wang dress and Jimmy Choo shoes.  Please, please do yourself a favour and find an indoor location (no matter how basic) just-in-case.