Wet Weddings

Brides and Grooms please do yourself and your family and friends a big favour. If you have planned your wedding to be held in sunny Sydney in a garden or outdoor location be assured it does rain in Sydney and as much as we hope it doesn’t it may just rain on your special day. I assure you holding up umbrellas does not work nor sheltering under trees.

Even if the rain has stopped the ground, grass will still be wet and the leaves on trees will drip all over you and your bridal party.  Furthermore the documentation relating to your marriage must be kept dry.

The next time it rains go and stand in it and visualise how dreadful it would be if you and your family and friends had to stand in it for 30 minutes in your Vera Wang dress and Jimmy Choo shoes.  Please, please do yourself a favour and find an indoor location (no matter how basic) just-in-case.


Majority of Weddings Conducted by Civil Marriage Celebrants

The Australian Bureau of Statistics released the following information about weddings in Australia during 2014.

121,197 marriages were registered and what is newsworthy is that 74% of all marriages were conducted by Civil Celebrants.

81% of brides and 79% of grooms had not been previously married and the average age was 29 years for brides and 31 years for grooms.

79% of all couples being married lived together prior to their marriage.